Top 100 Hit Songs On CD

Guy Lombardo #3 Artist All-Time 1890-1954Top 100 Hit Songs on CD

You are here because of viewing the charts of the top 100 songs from 1890-2010. While viewing the list, you are interested in owning some of these great tunes. You have come to the right place.

Below we have placed links for CD’s and MP3 owners to purchase some of the songs you are interested in. Please note: Not every song on the charts on this site are available in any format as a single CD or MP3 download. In order to buy some of the rarest song titles, you may have to find the artist and purchase something like “best hits“, or “top selling hits”  by the artist in question. Not many songs prior to 1905 are available for purchase. The reason is that companies that produce the CD’s must realize a profit to offer these songs to the public even though many of these songs were very popular at the time when they were released.

However, the list of music below will contain a vast majority of the songs on each of the decade charts for you to buy. In some instances, you will find an individual year. Most CD’s will show a list of track titles in the customer rewiews section. Check them out before buying. Many of the titles in the CD’s or MP3 downloads are the original song done by the original artist.

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Nipper’s Greatest Hits: 1901-1920
The 1890s, Volume 1: Wipe Him Off the Land
The 1890s, Volume 2: Wear Yer Bran’ New Gown
1906: “When Things Was Lookin’ Bright”
1907: “Dear Old Golden Rule Days”
1908: Take Me Out with the Crowd
1912: Waitin’ on the Levee
1913: Come and See the Big Parade
1914: “Her Memory Haunts You”
1915: “They’d Sooner Sleep on Thistles”
1916: “The Country Found Them Ready”
1917: “Yankees to the Ranks”
1920: Even Water’s Getting Weaker
1921: Make Believe and Smile
1922: An Angel’s Voice I Hear
Nipper’s Greatest Hits – The 20’s
The Roaring 20s – Rare Original 1920s Recordings
Nipper’s Greatest Hits: The 30’s, Vol. 1
Nipper’s Greatest Hits – The 30’s Volume 2
Nipper’s Greatest Hits: The 40’s Vol 1
Nipper’s Greatest Hits – The 40’s Volume 2
Hit Parade 1938
Hit Parade 1939
Hit Parade 1940
Hit Parade 1941
Hit Parade 1942
Hit Parade 1943
Hit Parade 1944
Hit Parade 1945
Hit Parade 1946
Hit Parade 1947
Hit Parade 1948
Hit Parade 1949
Hit Parade 1950
Hit Parade 1951
Hit Parade 1952
Hit Parade 1953
Hit Parade 1954
Hit Parade 1955
Hit Parade 1956
Hit Parade 1957 (Dig)
Hit Parade 1958
Hit Parade 1959
Hit Parade 1960
Hit Parade 1961 CD 25 Original Hit Recordings
Your Hit Parade – 1940
Your Hit Parade – 1941
Your Hit Parade – 1942
Your Hit Parade 1943
Your Hit Parade – 1944
Your Hit Parade: 1945
Your Hit Parade – 1946
Your Hit Parade – 1947
Your Hit Parade – 1948
Your Hit Parade: 1949
Time Life Your Hit Parade – 1950
Time Life: Your Hit Parade 1951
Time Life Your Hit Parade 1952
Your Hit Parade: 1953
Your Hit Parade: 1954
Your Hit Parade – 1955
Billboard Top Rock’n’Roll Hits: 1955
Your Hit Parade – 1956
Billboard Top Rock ‘n’ Roll Hits: 1956
Your Hit Parade – 1957
Billboard Top Rock’n’Roll Hits: 1957
Your Hit Parade – 1958
Billboard Top Rock’n’Roll Hits: 1958
Billboard Top Rock’n’Roll Hits: 1959
Your Hit Parade – 1959
Billboard Top Rock’n’Roll Hits: 1960
Billboard Top Hits: 1961
Billboard Top Rock’n’Roll Hits: 1962
Billboard Top Hits: 1963
Billboard Top Rock’n’Roll Hits: 1964
Billboard Top Hits: 1965
Billboard Top Hits: 1966
Billboard Top Hits: 1967
Billboard Top Rock ‘n’ Roll Hits: 1968
Billboard Top Rock’N’Roll Hits, 1969
Billboard Top Rock’n’Roll Hits: 1970
Billboard Top Rock’n’Roll Hits: 1971
Billboard Top Rock’n’Roll Hits: 1972
Billboard Top Rock’n’Roll Hits: 1973
Billboard Top Rock’n’Roll Hits: 1974
Your Hit Parade – The Early ’60s
Pop Memories Of The ’60s (10CD)
Pure 60’s: The #1 Hits
The Wonderful World of the 60’s – 100 Hit Songs
100 Hits 60’s
60’s: Gold
Billboard #1s: The 70s
Billboard #1’s: The 80’s
Billboard Top Hits: 1975
Billboard Top Hits: 1976
Billboard Top Hits: 1977
Billboard Top Hits: 1978
Billboard Top Hits: 1979
Billboard Top Hits 80-84
Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits: 1935-1954
Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits: 1955-Present

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