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The Top 100 Songs Overview

Do you know what songs were the most popular from every d

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The Top 100

ecade from 1890-2010? If you are like me you probably answered no. The Top 100 Songs will help you to know exactly which songs were the most popular. The top 100 songs provide a list of the 100 most popular songs from each decade from 1890 through 2010.

Ranking of the Songs

To determine the ranking of the songs the following criteria was used:

  • Highest Peak Position From All Charts
  • Number of Weeks at Peak Position
  • Number of Weeks in the Top 10
  • Number of Weeks in the Top 40
  • Total Weeks Charted

For example, if a song was #1 for two weeks, it would rank higher than a song that was #1 for one week. Conversely, this song would rank lower than a song which was #1 for three weeks or more. Also, a #1 song will rank higher than a #2 song, and a number two song will rank higher than a #3 song etc.

Resources Used

Billboard Top 100 Hits
Billboard Top 100 Hits

The following resources were used to compile the rankings of the songs:

  • Pop Memories 1890-1954
  • Top Pop Singles 1955-2010
  • “Best Sellers Hot 100 1950s

The above resources were by Joel Whitburn.

The Charts

During the years, different charts were published to compile the weekly listing of the popular songs. Here is complete list of the charts that were being published over the years.

  • 1890-1899 Sheet Music Sales 1 – 3 positions
  • 1900-1909 Sheet Music Sales 5 – 10 positions & best-selling records information
  • 1910-1919 Sheet Music Sales, ASCAP, Best-selling Records Information Billboard best-sellers 10 positions
  • 1920-1926 Billboard, Sheet Music Sales, ASCAP, Best-Selling Records Information 10 – 15 positions
  • 1927-1933 Billboard, Record Label Best-Seller, Sheet Music Sales, ASCAP 20 positions
  • 1934-1938 Best-Selling Records 20 positions
  • 1934-1940 Hit Parade/Radio Airplay 20 positions
  • 1938-1954 Juke Box Charts 15 – 30 positions
  • 1940-1954 Best Selling In Stores 15 – 30 positions
  • 1945-1954 Most Played By Disc Jockey’s 15 – 30 positions
  • 1955-10/13/1958 Best Sellers In Stores 25 – 50 positions
  • 1955-7/28/1958 Most Played By Jockeys 20 – 25 positions
  • 1955-6/17/1957 Most Played In Juke Boxes 20 positions
  • 11/12/1955-7/28/1958 Top 100 100 positions
  • 8/4/1958-Present  Hot 100 100 positions
  • 10/20/84-11/28/98  Hot 100 Airplay 30 – 75 positions
The Top 100 Songs
The Top 100 Songs

Some songs were charted on multiple charts. The highest position reached on a particular chart was used in achieving the highest ranking for the song. For songs reaching #1, the chart used is on the single chart in which the song stayed the longest at the top position. Peak position weeks are not combined with other charts.


Now you will know by decade the most popular songs. This site has other charts that may interest you and you are only a click away. There are artists, and top 100 instrumentals that may interest you.

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