Dean Martin Greatest Songs

Dean Martin’s All-Time Greatest Hits

Color Photo of Dean Martin
Color Photo of Dean Martin

The Dean Martin greatest songs spans a period of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Had 2 #1 hits, 7 top 10 hits, 12 top 20 hits, and 27 top 40 songs to chart.

He had a total of 40 singles to chart on Billboard’s charts in his career. He had 12 singles to bubble under the Hot 100. His first charted single was “That Certain Party” at #22 in 1948. His first top 10 hit was “Powder Your Face With Sunshine” at #10 in 1949. His all-time biggest hit was “Memories Are Made Of This” #1 for six weeks in 1955. His last top 10 hit was “I Will” at #10 in 1965. His last charted single was “I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am” at #75 in 1969.

He also starred in a lot of films which explains why he did not have more charted singles. One of his best Christmas singles is “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow” was released in 1959. It reached its highest position at #6 in 2019. This song went to #1 for five weeks in 1945 by Vaughn Monroe. But, Dean Martin’s version is the most popular today. His version is a yearly Christmas Classic.

Ranking Dean Martin’s Greatest Hits

That's Amore 45
That’s Amore 45

Now that you know a little about Dean Martin, it is time to rank his greatest hits. We will use a system which I will share.

First, each song received a point total based on its total number of weeks it appeared on the Hot 100 Chart. 1 point for #100, so on down to 100 points at #1. The point totals are set aside for now.

Second, we had to rank the songs by their highest peak position reached on the Hot 100 Chart. #1 songs will always rank higher than a #2 song etc.

Third, we used the total number of weeks the song stayed at the peak position to break any ties if multiple songs reached the same peak position. In our case some did.

Fourth, if there are still ties, we used the total number of weeks the song stayed in the top 10.

Fifth, if there are still ties, we used the total number of weeks the song stayed in the top 40.

Sixth, if any ties remained, we used the total number of weeks the song charted on Billboard’s Charts.

Seventh, if any ties still remained, we used the point system each song achieved on the charts.

For Dean Martin, the greatest hits used were his 20 most popular songs on the Hot 100 and other Billboard charts. We had to go down to number 6 to break all ties in ranking his 20 greatest hit songs.

Using this system is fair because each song was charted by Billboard and achieved its highest position based upon airplay and sales at the time of its release.

Presenting Dean Martin’s All-Time Top 20 Songs

Below is a listing of Dean Martin’s 20 greatest hits. They are ranked by highest peak position. You will notice the song title, peak position #, peak weeks in (), and year the song reached its highest position on the charts.

1. Memories Are Made Of This / #1 (6) 1955
2. Everybody Love’s Somebody / #1 (1) 1964
3. That’s Amore / #2 (5) 1953
4. Return To Me / #4 (3) 1958
5. The Door Is Still Open To My Heart / #6 (1) 1964
6. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow #6 (1) 2019
7. I Will / #10 (2) 1965
8. Powder Your Face With Sunshine / #10 (1) 1949
9. I’ll Always Love You #11 (1) 1950
10. Volare / #12 (1) 1958
11. You Belong To Me #12 (1) 1952
12. If / #14 (1) 1951
13. Sway / #15 (1) 1954
14. Houston / #21 (2) 1965
15. I’d Cry Like A Baby / #21 (1) 1954
16. Send Me The Pillow You Dream On / #22 (1) 1965
17. That Certain Party / #22 (1) 1948
18. Money Burns A Hole In My Pocket / #23 (1) 1954
19. You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You / #25 (1) 1964
20. In The Chapel In The Moonlight / #25 (1) 1967

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